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Recordings (multi-track or stereo)

The studio provides a series of high quality equipment, such as preamps, microphones etc, suitable for almost any musical scenario and taste. The large live room and the two medium booths, result to a more flexible recording choices such as, live recording the whole band or having different acoustic environments for the same sound source. Moreover, the main live room is suitable for recording choirs or small to medium string ensambles.


The main live room is 50 square meters and is suitable for rehearshing with your band, choir or ensamble in an excellent acoutsic space, using amplified sound or not.

Mixing & Mastering

We can mix and/or master your song, EP/LP either “in-the-box”, or using a more hybrid way combining the warmth of analog gear with the ease of the digital world.

Sound Design / Foley Art

Working with excellent musicians and composers we can create the music or special effects for your next film or documentary. Creativity is the key factor!

Online Services

Distance is not a problem for you! You can send us your audio material and have it mixed or mastered, ready to make the best out of it, or even record with a selected team of musicians. Click here for more information about our online services. If you like you can use the SoundBetter platform to hire a service.