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• Files must be in a WAV or AIFF format.
• Sample rate can vary between 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96 kHz.
• Tracks must be exported or bounced from the very first bar of the project and its first movement (same
start point and sample rate).
• If the song was recorded with a metronome, the BPM is needed.
• If the DAW you are using has the Normalize option on the Bounce screen, please disable it.
• Make sure to name your tracks logically.
• If a track(s) has been processed and that is an undivided part of the sound and song, export your track
with the effects. It would be better if we had the same track dry.
• If there are time/rhythmic or tune issues, this should be dealt with beforehand. On any other occasion, an
agreement is necessary.

A draft mix of the song, as well as more information, will help us understand the “shape” of it. File transfers can be made using wetransfer.com or, for small-sized files, via email at contact@nvelopestudio.gr.